Veridex's CELLSEARCH® Circulating Tumor Cell Test Wins Prestigious Prix Galien Award for Best Medical Technology

-- Reinforces the Unique Innovation of CellSearch® Technology in Predicting the Prognosis of Patients with Metastatic Breast, Colorectal or Prostate Cancer --

RARITAN, N.J., (Oct. 1, 2009) – Veridex, LLC announced today that the CellSearch® Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Test was honored with the first-ever Prix Galien USA 2009 Award for Best Medical Technology.

The CellSearch® System is the first diagnostic test used to automate the capture and detection of CTCs, tumor cells that have detached from solid tumors and entered the patient’s blood. The CellSearch® System assesses CTCs to determine the prognosis and overall survival of patients with metastatic breast, colorectal or prostate cancer at any time during the course of treatment.

“The CellSearch® System represents an important shift in the management of metastatic breast, colorectal or prostate cancer as an adjunct to standard testing methods that provides a more complete picture of patient prognosis,” said Michael Samoszuk, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. “The Prix Galien recognition further supports the important role CellSearch® technology plays in providing oncologists with an additional tool to help them provide optimum care for their patients.”

Prix Galien USA Award candidates are evaluated on the basis of the innovative nature of the development and applicability of the technology and whether the discovery can be applied to future biomedical science. The Prix Galien USA Awards committee – which includes seven Nobel Laureates – recognizes the technical, scientific and clinical research skills essential for developing innovative medicines and technologies that make positive contributions to human health. The Prix Galien USA Award is considered the industry’s highest accolade for research and development.

About CellSearch® Technology The CellSearch® CTC Test works by using antibodies that are joined to microscopic iron particles, called ferrofluid. These antibody/ferrofluid combinations attach very specifically to CTCs. Powerful magnets then draw the CTCs out of the blood sample and they are then stained with additional bio-molecules and chemicals so that they can be positively identified as CTCs.

CellSearch® results should be used in conjunction with all clinical information derived from diagnostic tests (e.g., imaging, laboratory tests), physical examination and complete medical history in accordance with appropriate patient management procedures. The CellSearch® test has not been approved to demonstrate that any line of therapy is any more/less effective than any other or no therapy. CellSearch® results and imaging results are not equivalent in assessing the transition of patients between non-progressive disease and progressive disease.

For further information on intended use, warnings and limitations, please refer to the CellSearch® CTC Test Instructions for Use, or visit

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