The CELLSEARCH® CTC Test provides valuable information when making clinical decisions

  • CTCs are a strong, independent predictor of overall and progression-free survival in metastatic breast, prostate* and colorectal cancer
  • Use the CELLSEARCH® CTC Test to inform clinical decisions in patients with metastatic breast, prostate* and colorectal cancer at any time during the course of disease
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Clinical studies validate the predictive accuracy of the CELLSEARCH® CTC Test

*Metastatic prostate cancer patients were defined as having two consecutive increases in the serum marker prostate-specific antigen above a reference level, despite standard hormonal management. These patients are commonly described as having androgen-independent, hormone-resistant, or castration-resistant prostate cancer. For more information on the intended use and limitations for the CELLSEARCH® Circulating Tumor Cell Test, please refer to the Instructions for Use which can be found at

  1. CELLSEARCH® Circulating Tumor Cell Kit (Epithelial) Instructions for Use. Menarini Silicon Biosystems Inc.