The system standardizes the process for optimal recovery and reproducible results with:

  • Easy-to-use software assay protocols that allow batch processing of up to 8 samples with complete walk-away operation
  • Minimal hands-on time and off-line processing
  • Sensors that check sample and reagent parameters at multiple points during analysis to ensure quality results
  • Capability for standardized pre-analytical preparation of CTCs with complete process control
  • True quantitative results that are reported because the entire MAGNEST Cartridge Holder is analyzed

Immunomagnetic sample preparation is fully automated (no manual preparation is required), including:

  • Aspiration of plasma; addition of anti-EpCAM ferrofluid and buffer
  • Magnetic incubation
  • Aspiration of unlabeled cells
  • Magnet removal with cells resuspended in buffer
  • Cell labeling with staining reagents: anti-CK-PE identifies intracellular cytokeratins 8, 18, and/or 19; DAPI stains nuclear material; anti-CD45-APC identifies leukocytes
  • Transfer to MAGNEST Cartridge Holder and review with CELLTRACKS ANALYZER II® System

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